Korean Traditional Ceremony Rental Service


We have been providing our clients with Paebaek rental services. Naturally, as time passed, we continually made needed additions and improvements for our clients. Our Paebaek service has never been better and is continuing to improve with each year. Use our expertise to make your Paebaek rental experience the best you ever had! You and your guests will enjoy the Korean culture in a memorable way. Paebaek rentals, we promise that you will forever cherish the memories you made with us!

Rantal List


List of Paebaek Equipment:
1 Folding Screen
2 Large Wooden Table
3 Small Wooden Table
4 Fake Food Dish with Clew Decoration
5 Wooden Mandarin Duck
6 Table Cover (blue and red)
7 Sitting Cushion
8 Large mat of weeds
9 Rice Wine Cover
10 Rice Wine Cup with Saucer
11 Kettle
12 Dried Chestnuts and Jujubes in a cloth bag


Upper Garment (원삼)
Tail Wig (가채)
Traditional Hairpin (머리핀)
Ornamental Hairpin (비녀)
Ribbon for Ornamental Hairpin (앞댕기)
Bridal Crown (족두리)
Shoes (신발)
Royal Robe (용포)
Winged Cap (익선관)
Belt (각대)
Shoes (신발)